bespoke training,
tailored to your business

At Avocado Social, we offer a wide range of services – but social media training is our bread and butter.

We believe that showing you or your team how to take control of your company social media and teaching you to use it to boost your business is more beneficial than us just ‘doing it for you’. It means that as your business evolves, you can feel confident that you have the right tools to communicate changes and engage with your audience yourselves. And if (and when!) the social media platforms change, we’re here for refresher sessions.

If you feel that you’d like to talk to us about arranging an in house training session, do get in touch below. If you’d like to get a taste of our style first, why not come to one of our public workshop sessions?


training topics include


bullet-small How to build an Instagram following

bullet-small A guide to Social Media Advertising

bullet-small Social media & crisis management

bullet-small Facebook pages and groups

bullet-small LinkedIn for Sales Pros

other services include

Competitor Benchmarking bullet Content Creation bullet Social Media Audit

Strategy bullet Community Management bullet Social Media Advertising

bullet-light-blue Competitor Benchmarking

bullet-light-blue Content Creation

bullet-light-blue Social Media Audit

bullet-light-blue Strategy

bullet-light-blue Community Management

bullet-light-blue Social Media Advertising

avocado social provided us a wealth of ideas and inspiration, from which we've created a comprehensive strategy. we hope to work with them in the future!