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What is an Instagram Loop and how does it work?

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Have you heard of an Instagram Loop? Don’t worry, we’re about to explain exactly what this trend is.

An Instagram Loop giveaway is a growth strategy which bloggers and businesses have come up with to beat the Instagram algorithm and gain new followers. Much like the Instagram Pod, which we discussed in this blog, it involves finding a group of similar sized businesses and bloggers to work with as a team.

It works well for those looking to increase brand awareness and gain new followers, as you can team up with others that have a similar target audience to you.

How does it work exactly?

  • A Loop giveaway usually consists of 5-10 businesses or bloggers that pool together to offer one big goody bag or pool of prizes.
  • One engaging image is created by the organiser to advertise the giveaway, which shows all of the prizes. The idea is that each of the participants posts the image, and tags in the next business in the image.
  • This list of who tags who, and in what order is predetermined so that entrants follow the competition around in a loop.

For example: All Businesses involved in the Instagram Loop post the competition photo at 10am GMT on a Saturday. In the photo:

Business 1 tags Business 2
Business 2 tags Business 3
Business 3 tags Business 4
Business 4 tags Business 5
Busines 5 tags Business 1

This information (with Business names and @usernames) is sent around prior to the launch of the giveaway, along with the agreed caption and hashtags.

  • It’s important that everyone posts at the exact same time otherwise you will have a break in the loop. Remember people might be in different time zones, so make sure everyone in clear on the time otherwise it’s frustrating for entrants who can’t follow the loop.
  • The caption area of each photo is used to explain the competition to entrants. The caption should explain what the competition prize is, how long the entrants have to enter, and how they enter.
  • Typically in an Instagram Loop giveaway the entrants are asked in the caption of each photo to enter the competition by following each of the businesses tagged in the images and completing the loop back around to the beginning. Usually, entrants are also asked to ‘like’ each of the images in the loop too to further boost engagement and reach.
  • At the end of the competition length, which is usually a few days to give people a chance to promote

Want to look for examples? Just search for #loopgiveaway on Instagram.

What to consider?

It’s good to think about the other businesses you run the Loop giveaway with. Are their followers the right fit for your business? Is the prize that you have all pooled together appealing for your target audience? The idea with an Instagram Loop giveaway is that you can grow your followers and entice those new followers to become customers.

Is there a theme or holiday you can link your Instagram Loop giveaway with? Mother’s Day, May Bank Holidays or Summer are good ideas, to give the campaign more relevance and make the prizes less random. The prizes should be unique to each business to make them even more exclusive. For example, a best-selling or limited edition product.

The goal is to maintain the new followers you acquire long term, not have them unfollow you right after the giveaway has ended. It is advised to break the loop and to detag the businesses from your images so that it is more difficult for entrants to go through and unfollow if they have not won.

You may also want to consider running a promotion such as free delivery or 20% soon after the giveaway so that you can lure your new followers into becoming customers. If this is not relevant then you must consider how you can maintain their new followers, so make sure you keep posting great content!

>> Are you thinking about hosting an Instagram Loop contest? Are you looking for some advice and tips? Join our active Facebook Group here for free and let us know how it goes!

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Get your social media strategy summer ready

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Want to give your business a fresh new feel or tweak your content strategy? You can use summer to give you that extra motivation to update your social media strategy. 

Many brands have already given their social presences a fresh new look, since temperatures started to rise. So if you have a new product, campaign or simply want to revamp your image, now is the perfect time.

Here’s our five top tips to get you started:

  1. Take advantage of cultural events and news: A few days ago Budweiser announced a major rebrand of its flagship product, renaming beer cans and bottles ‘America’ until November.  A great way to coincide with major events such as the US elections and the Olympic Games in Brazil. This was announced via social media channels, using a GIF which is now supported on Twitter. Can your product/service be linked to festivals, competitions or conferences? Be on top of the events happening this summer!Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.16.05
  2. Try out new forms of content: We all know that images and videos are the content champions in any social media strategy, but have you tried 360 videos on Facebook? The social network has supported them since September and recently announced an upcoming feature called “360 Photos” that will allow people to upload flat panoramas, like those taken on iPhones and other devices. This could be a really interesting opportunity for SME’s to create virtual reality posts with no additional cost or special equipment.
  3.  Launch a hashtag: Hashtags are a great way to group together your content, encourage your customers to share reviews of your products, and to create a movement. Launching a brand new hashtag for the summer could be a great way of getting your customers talking online about your business, and creating some online buzz.

     makes use of their own branded hashtag #AsSeenOnMe, to motivate customers to share their fashion choices on Instagram and increase brand awareness. There are over 24,000 posts on Instagram that contain that hashtag now. Did you know that ASOS stands for AsSeenOnScreen, as they launched as a online retailer selling clothes that celebrities wore? We like that they kept this same theme for their hashtag, which is a nod to their avid fans. Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.50.29
    You can see above that ASOS have also been honouring the recent good weather in their fun, colourful updates on Instagram. If the sun is out, celebrate your brand outdoors! 
  4. Refresh your Cover Image:There’s nothing worse than seeing the same old Facebook Cover image being used throughout the year. It’s such a valuable piece of retail space in the platform, as you can promote your events, campaigns, happy customers and products.Bulmers have launched a new flavour for this summer as part of their #LiveColourful campaign. The theme is present in posts and they have also updated the Cover Image on their Facebook Page to fit with the new flavour.Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.47.54
    5.  Give your followers a tidy-up: It’s good to have a sort out of your followers from time to time, and the lead up to summer is a perfect excuse. Clean your Twitter feed from inactive followers by using tools such as Tweepi or Untweeps to keep your account in order.  We’ve just started trialling Cleaner for Instagram, which is a free app allowing you to mass unfollow users by simply clicking on their faces. Unfollow those that are no longer relevant to the brand, or who don’t update their social media channels anymore.

Those are our five top tips to give your strategy a new colour this summer. All that’s left to do now is get outdoors and get creative! If you have any other tips to share, please let us know on Twitter @AvocadoSocial, or join our Private Facebook Hub for plenty of tips and advice. 

How Top Food Brands Use Snapchat

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Snapchat is the latest social media network to take off and many brands are following suit. From fashion to food, some of the world’s biggest brands are using the video-messaging app to elevate their marketing efforts. Last week, Snapchat founder revealed they are receiving 8 billion video views per day on the platform.

As a way to say thank you, Snapchat have been treating users and marketers alike, to exciting new features as their numbers continue to rise.

So who is big on Snapchat and why? Take a look at some of the brands we think have succeeded below:

Pepsi Max – Sponsored lenses

Pepsi Max spread their love through engagement on Snapchat. The brand used the sponsored lenses feature in order to create the ‘Chelfie.’ The pop-up animation, available to users for 24 hours on February 14th, transformed selfies into cherry flavoured ads. Not stopping there, the drinks brand also created an interactive decal that pours the drink into the users mouth when directed by movement.



KFC – Geofilters

Late last year, KFC collaborated with the video messaging app to create their own Geofilters – a feature that creates overlaying images tailored to the users’ location. Their campaign, spreading across 900 branches in the UK, led to the brand becoming the first in the UK to use the feature.





Domino’s – Story Mode

Domino’s tops our list for best launch on Snapchat with their ‘dough-to-door’ campaign. The pizza brand decided to use the story mode feature to create their alien invasion pizza delivery mystery available for users for up to 24 hours. Users were treated to a special online discount code revealed in a sequence of letters throughout the clip as a thank you for watching.

We’ve noticed a very strong connection between the food industry and Snapchat – with fashion following very close behind. The messaging platform has already shown that when experimented with, you can attract new users with shorter engaging content.

Feeling inspired? You can learn more about marketing to millennials at Relative Link’s Snapchat for Business Introductory Class this week. There you will learn about the opportunities which Snapchat can bring for your business or brand, and how the platform works.



Leon & the ‘whack wrap’: a great Twitter experience

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By Alison Battisby, Founder of Avocado Social. 

Unfortunately this week I had a rather disappointing experience at a Leon Restaurant in Victoria. The wrap which I’d ordered to warm me up was far from hot, and so I took to Twitter to let them know. I’ve been to Leon a few times and always really enjoyed it, so I was quite surprised with the cold falafel.

Within 5 minutes (!) Leon replied with an apology, and took the conversation to DM’s straight away. They were keen to find out more details, so they could make sure it didn’t happen to other customers. The person behind the account genuinely seemed concerned and keen to make things right.  They also took my postal address…


Two days later, I received a humble postcard and handwritten post it note with another apology for the “whack wrap” (love it!) and a free meal, drink and side voucher. What a great surprise, and I love the fact that it was so personal! Speed really is of the essence with customer service via social media and Leon absolutely nailed it!