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Facebook for Business Workshop 2017

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This evening class with Enterprise Nation and Avocado Social is designed to show you all the latest Facebook trends and tools, with plenty of examples and practical advice that you can apply to your business.

From content strategy to best practice posting, Alison will be teaching some top strategies in building communities and attracting more customers through Facebook’s tools. There will be plenty of examples of small business success on Facebook, from fashion to food and drinks.


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Hot Social Media Trends for 2018

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Join us for an inspirational night of hot trends to shake up your social media in 2018. General Assembly social media instructor and founder of Avocado Social – Alison Battisby – will be offering top tips on content, before introducing two expert companies to discuss chatbots in social media and influencer marketing.


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Picture This! Instagram for Business

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As one of the fastest-growing social networks of our decade, Instagram has risen to the top of the content food chain.

This evening class is designed to show you all the latest Instagram trends and tools, with plenty of examples and practical advice that you can apply to your own business. We’ll show you loads of great examples of businesses doing a fantastic job too, and tell you how they achieve their success.


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How To Create Effective Facebook Carousel Ads

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It’s been one year since Facebook introduced their carousel ad format, allowing advertisers to showcase a variety of images that link through to different landing pages. The format, allowing multiple images and links all in one advert, is now available to both advertisers and Facebook users.

Since their release, advertisers have seen carousel link ads drive 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click when compared to single-image link ads.

Allowing you to upload up to five posts, carousel ads gives you the chance to share a variety of content for your audience to enjoy. Take a look at a few examples below:

River Island


River Island took the advert format to promote their latest swimwear collection. The brand uploaded five images from the new collection along with copy with a brief description. The post also includes a clear call-to-action with an emoji for extra character and to stand out.

Ted Baker


Following suit, clothing brand Ted Baker make good use of the carousel ad format as part of their Valentines Day campaign – managing to attract both males and females to their page in order to make a purchase. The brand doesn’t include call-to-action in their copy but go for a witty tone with a link to their website.

There’s much more that you can do with carousel ads. Interact with a call to action button, educate with links to your website content or promote your mobile app. How will you use them? Start by creating your own today (don’t forget your copy!)

Don’t forget to sign up to our FREE webinar to learn the basics of Facebook Advertising – the best way to boost your business and get infront of your target audience!

We’ll be offering some top tips on Thursday 24th March at 1pm.

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Our Digital Mission to Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn HQs

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It’s not often you get the chance to visit the European Headquarters of 3 of the world’s largest social media networks. So when we were invited to join Enterprise Nation’s Go Global Digital Mission to Ireland we jumped at the chance!

On a very early Thursday morning last week, we joined 40 food and drink businesses on a mission over to Dublin to learn more about exporting to Ireland and using social media to raise awareness of their unique and delicious products.

We wanted to find out what the latest small business advice being offered to startups and growing businesses from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn was. Joining businesses including Creative Nature, Oppo Ice Cream, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and Bluebird Tea, we headed over the water to sunny Dublin.

First stop was Facebook, where we were taken on a fantastic tour of their partner centre, the top floor of their Dublin office. The area is dedicated to showing off some of the great work Facebook are involved in, including the initiative which aims to get the whole world online. Facebook have even built a drone which flies over Africa beaming out WIFI to hit devices they have provided.

The initiative which really stood out was the work they are doing to enhance blind people’s lives. A Siri-type programme has been developed for blind users, which describes out loud what is being seen in pictures in their newsfeeds. For example “A group of females smiling with balloons”. We saw a video of the system in use which was very moving, as these users had not experienced anyone describing the pictures their friends are posting before, and meant they could suddenly be involved in conversations. Good one Facebook!

Head of SMB EMEA at Facebook, Olivia Leonard then gave a huge informative talk about where Facebook see the main changes and trends are on their platforms, including Instagram and Whatsapp.

Something reiterated again and again was the important move from desktop to mobile for the company, as they find 80% of UK traffic now hits their sites from mobile devices. Every new feature or app is now developed first for mobile, then desktop. They receive 400 million logins a day on mobile.

Other dominant trends include video, which is going from strength to strength as they are receiving more than 4 billion video views a day on Facebook. With the purchase of virtual reality company Oculus Rift, Facebook are working on ways to enhance our lives with artificial intelligence.

We saw some great example of 10-3o second long videos, including this McDonalds’ World Cup campaign. Another great example of how video content has really lifted a campaign was the St John’s Ambulance #TheChokeables campaign, which has saved 38 lives to date. Leonard encouraged the small businesses in the room to have a go with video, just by recording on their smartphones, to really enhance a story and grab a user’s attention in the newsfeed.

Obviously visual content is now king on Facebook, and the memorable advice was that you have less than 3 seconds to make an impression so ensure your content is eye-catching and engaging!

Another of the key takeaways from Facebook’s talk was the ability to tell a good story through your Facebook Page. “Don’t just use Facebook like a billboard,” said Leonard.

Content ideas for the small businesses included:

  • Stories about characters within your business
  • The processes of creating your product
  • Information about your founder or where the idea came from
  • How you take it to market.

This content is all completely authentic and will instantly set you apart from your competitors. The tips are also designed to avoid the conversation on your Facebook Page jarring, which is very important for keeping your loyal and potential customers interested. It was also an honour to sign the famous Facebook Wall, which features in every Facebook office around the world.



We also heard about how offering a personal experience is absolutely key, through the language and images you use. We’ll be touching on this in our upcoming FREE webinar, How to Boost Your Business with Facebook Advertising, on 24th March at 1pm. Sign up here

After our jam-packed experience at Facebook, we were zoomed off to Twitter where we learnt about more specific ways that Ireland use Twitter. We saw some great statistics too about how 76% of Twitter users follow brands and companies, and 1 in 5 follow a brand when making a purchase.

We saw some examples from the likes of ASOS about how to use Twitter’s image collages to showcase products and build brand reputation, as well as learning about the variety of ad placements you can now purchase within the newsfeeds.

Over at LinkedIn, we learnt about how “the cold call is dead” thanks to the wealth of information you can now research about your potential customers and business relationships before making contact. There are 2 billion member updates happening on the platform and 200,000 new Pulse article added every week – so members are using the platform more actively than just an online CV.  Making sure your personal profile is an accurate and credible representation of your business self is key, as we learnt in our recently free webinar on How To Create a Killer Profile.

It was fantastic to hear about the latest trends and statistics from each platform, and to hear how they are advising small business. We were honoured to visit each, but the highlight for us for defintely Facebook who offered fantastic tips as well as impressing us with their brilliant new innovations.

You can see some more pictures from our trip on our Facebook Page here, and take a look at the #GoGlobal hashtag for more content and learnings. A very special thank you to Enterprise Nation for a great experience!


How Top Food Brands Use Snapchat

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Snapchat is the latest social media network to take off and many brands are following suit. From fashion to food, some of the world’s biggest brands are using the video-messaging app to elevate their marketing efforts. Last week, Snapchat founder revealed they are receiving 8 billion video views per day on the platform.

As a way to say thank you, Snapchat have been treating users and marketers alike, to exciting new features as their numbers continue to rise.

So who is big on Snapchat and why? Take a look at some of the brands we think have succeeded below:

Pepsi Max – Sponsored lenses

Pepsi Max spread their love through engagement on Snapchat. The brand used the sponsored lenses feature in order to create the ‘Chelfie.’ The pop-up animation, available to users for 24 hours on February 14th, transformed selfies into cherry flavoured ads. Not stopping there, the drinks brand also created an interactive decal that pours the drink into the users mouth when directed by movement.



KFC – Geofilters

Late last year, KFC collaborated with the video messaging app to create their own Geofilters – a feature that creates overlaying images tailored to the users’ location. Their campaign, spreading across 900 branches in the UK, led to the brand becoming the first in the UK to use the feature.





Domino’s – Story Mode

Domino’s tops our list for best launch on Snapchat with their ‘dough-to-door’ campaign. The pizza brand decided to use the story mode feature to create their alien invasion pizza delivery mystery available for users for up to 24 hours. Users were treated to a special online discount code revealed in a sequence of letters throughout the clip as a thank you for watching.

We’ve noticed a very strong connection between the food industry and Snapchat – with fashion following very close behind. The messaging platform has already shown that when experimented with, you can attract new users with shorter engaging content.

Feeling inspired? You can learn more about marketing to millennials at Relative Link’s Snapchat for Business Introductory Class this week. There you will learn about the opportunities which Snapchat can bring for your business or brand, and how the platform works.



3 Top Tips to Transform Your Facebook Page

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As new social media networks continue to sprout, the ones that already exist may not seem as high up on the priority list. That does not mean that they should be ignored. Networks like Facebook are still constantly working through new updates – updates that you and your business can take advantage of. So how can you transform your business Facebook Page to bring it up to date? We have three possible answers:

1. Run a competition


One way to help your audience engage with you is through running a competition. That way, you can increase engagement metrics as well as give your consumers an incentive for their loyalty. A brilliant example of this comes from Mallow & Marsh‘s Facebook page. Each week, the confectionery brand run their #MallowMondays campaign, giving away the chance to win a selection of their product. All in exchange for a page like and comment. Remember, you can host Terms and Conditions on a blog post or on your website.

2. Create a video

Huffington Post’s UK Politics‘ page not only share their informative articles on their social media accounts. They also share video content. News content is condensed right down into 30 seconds along with captioning to maximise engagement. Other examples of this can be found from the BBC, Buzzfeed, Mashable and many more.

3. Engage through Photo 

Popular hamburger restaurant chain Byron are able to entice their loyal customers with photo proof of what they can enjoy at the restaurant through their Facebook page. Combining images of what they know their customers love the most – their delicious burgers and usually a quip of comedy in their captions, the brand promote their special offers with the help of a camera.


What else could you do to improve your Facebook page? Do you need to increase engagement? Are you using a variety of posts, such as photos and videos? These three example should help you decide which path you’d like to take with your social media to give it the transformation it needs.

Social Media on a Budget

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If you are a small business or startup looking to build your brand awareness then social media is a great marketing tactic. Chances are that budgets will be very tight – meaning everything you create in social media and the steps you take to build your presence will be free.

In this workshop, Alison Battisby will offer best practices, strategies and actionable steps.


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LinkedIn for Business 2017

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As LinkedIn continues to grow, sales teams are citing the business platform a key sales channel and the term ‘social selling’ has become a widely recognised term particularly in global B2B firms.

This half day workshop will cover both personal profiles, company pages, using LinkedIn as a team, and the advertising side.

To register your interest please email


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How To Switch Between Your Instagram Accounts

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With six years flying by, Instagram now boasts over 300 million users worldwide. From sharing pictures to adding filters, to allow marketers to advertise on the platform, what could you add to an already successful social networking app?

The photo-sharing app tested multiple account sign-in feature across iPhone and Android devices throughout last year. After deeming successful, Instagram has now added the multi-sign feature as a permanent fixture – allowing users to add up to five accounts to switch from. The fairly easy process can be done in three easy steps:

For both iPhone and Android devices:

  • Go to your profile and tap either Instagram-Settings or Dots-Instagram in the top right hand corner
  • Scroll down and tap add account
  • Enter the details of the account you wish to add

How to switch between accounts:

  • Go to your profile
  • Tap your username shown at the top of the screen
  • Tap the account that you want to switch to



With new accounts come new notifications – very important for those social media metrics. Instagram will allow you to push notifications from all accounts, as long as you have kept notification on.

The new addition will work perfectly for busy entrepreneurs running their own business Instagram accounts and personal Instagram accounts. Will you be giving the new feature a try?

Learn how to switch between accounts and more at our Instagram For Small Business event on 2nd March 2016. Click here for more details.